For Women

Portrait of lady wearing sunglasses red lipstick and floppy straw hat1) Which Colours Suit You?

You might think that investing hundreds of euros in a coat guarantees its success, but knowing which colours suit you can make or break an outfit. The designer jacket you have just purchased may be beautifully cut for your body shape, but if the colour is unflattering then the outfit will age you dramatically. One wear and it will be banished to the back of the wardrobe.

During a one hour session, I will examine your skin tone, eye and hair colouring in order to ascertain your ideal colour palette. We will look at colours that suit you perfectly and also consider the impact of wearing the wrong colours. In this way you will understand both ends of your colour spectrum. At the end of the session you will be “colour confident” and will receive a photographic reference sheet to keep you on track.

2) Which Styles Suit You?

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and knowing which styles suit you personally is essential. After all, clothing that looks spectacular on your best friend will not necessarily suit you. In fact, it may look absolutely dreadful. We each need to understand our own personal shape and dress to flatter it. This is where I can help you.

During a two hour consultation I will clarify your day to day clothing requirements and look at how and where you currently shop. I will analyze your body from “top to toe”, identify your “assets” and any areas or “liabilities” you wish to camouflage. I will then teach you how to dress your body using the correct cuts and fabrics. You will come away with a clear understanding of which styles suit you personally.

3) Wardrobe Makeover

We can all benefit from a regular wardrobe makeover. Approximately 25% of the clothes in your wardrobe are worn regularly while the remaining 75% lie dormant. They may be the wrong size, the wrong colour, the wrong shape or fabric…. or perhaps you simply have no idea why they don’t work.

Together we shall review the contents of your wardrobe, garment by garment and identify clothes to keep (that suit your colouring and body shape) and clothes to discard. In addition, I will suggest garments and accessories you can purchase in order to achieve different looks and makeover your style. You will emerge exhausted but exhilarated!

4) Personal Shopper (min 2hrs)

There’s no doubt that as an experienced Personal Shopper, I understand the frustration of shopping for clothing. How many times have you walked into a large boutique and felt totally overwhelmed? Exactly where do you start? Shopping trips can be demoralizing and entirely “hit and miss”. This is where I step in.

Together we shall set out to buy an outfit for a special occasion or a range of outfits to boost your wardrobe. Our approach will be highly focussed, ensuring we keep in mind your professional and social habits, colouring and body shape for the best possible results. The trip will empower you to shop with greater confidence and to feel entirely self-assured in your clothing choices.

5) Group Sessions

Sometimes you want to get together with friends for a fun afternoon or evening over a glass of cremant or cup of coffee. Why not combine coffee and nibbles with colour and style? Enjoy a fabulously fun group session and leave feeling supremely confident in your style choices. Just tell me how many people, how many hours and the topic you wish me to cover and I’ll confirm a price.

6) Ad Hoc Information & Advice

There may be moments when you need my opinion on a particular matter or my guidance during a personal style crisis, for example:

o What to wear to a formal corporate dinner party (possibly from your existing wardrobe)

o Which glasses frames best suit you (I will consider your facial shape, features and colouring before advising you on the perfect frames)

o Which design features you need to communicate when ordering a bespoke suit (eg. narrow lapels, single button, patch pockets, flat front trousers etc.)